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#3 – Marks of a Cult

#3 – Marks of a Cult
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On today’s episode, we will be discussing cults that have originated in Mexico. As a celebration of “5 de Mayo”, we will name 5 cults that are “straight out of Mexico”. We will also give 10 marks of what makes a religious group a cult. Before we get into the meaty topics, we will have a “90’s movie game”. Join Vasquez, Joseph, and a special guest on trying to guess clips from the 1990’s. Get relaxed, put on your headphones, and join our exciting 3rd episode.

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5 thoughts on “#3 – Marks of a Cult”

  • Nice one, folks! I had a few good laughs from this segment, you guys are funny. I never understood why people glorified “la santa muerte”, but now I understand that when you don’t have Christ, you’re in darkness, it is only logical that you would be attracted to more darkness. Thank God for our deliverance, keep on trucking, brothers! 1 Peter 2:9b

  • Interesting concept. While I respect different religions, I find it humorous how Christianity is full of hypocrites. Your religion judges people based on what you interpret from your Holy Book. Your religion bashes people for being who they are. If they choose to abort their pregnancy – they’re wrong. If they “choose” (homosexuality isn’t a choice) to be attracted to the same gender – they’re wrong. If they choose to judge – they’re wrong. Yet, you judge, you lie, you are adulterers and you are just as bad as what you claim one should abstain from. It’s pathetic. Good riddance.

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