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#4 – The World Mission Society Church of God – Part 1

#4 – The World Mission Society Church of God – Part 1
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We will be discussing the blessings and curses of video games. We will mention our favorite games of all time and give reasons why they are our favorite. Also, we will inform you guys about a cult that is rising up in the college campuses called The World Mission Society Church of God. If you have not run into them, then sooner or later you will. We will give a brief history of the church and some of the unique doctrines they believe. This episode is the 1st of a 4 part series on the WMSCOG so stay tune and enjoy the show. Don’t miss it!


** By the way, devotchka does not mean “fashion”. The word is Russian and it means “girl”.




Ahnsahnghong About His Birth



The Prophecy of Melchizedek



Interview with the son of Ahnsahnghong



Proof that Ahnsahnghong was baptized in an Seventh Day Adventist Church.





Official SDA Baptismal Vows



WMSCOG – Prophecy of David



Differences Between NCPCOG and WMSCOG



Footage of Ahnsahnghong Tombstone



Picture of Zhang Ghil Jah with her husband



Records of Ash’s Real Marriage



NCPCOG claims that Ash believed the idea of a mother God was delusional



We Love U Foundation Website



Proof of Different Lawsuits






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2 thoughts on “#4 – The World Mission Society Church of God – Part 1”

  • She might have used devotchka because it is Russian for girl, or she could have possibly be referencing the band Devotchka which plays the soundtrack for Gears of War, or at least part of it. Anyway, good podcast! The WMSCOG needs to be exposed!

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