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#6 – Vicente Fox and the WMSCOG Part 3

#6 – Vicente Fox and the WMSCOG Part 3
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On today’s episode, we will be critiquing the ex-president of Mexico – Vicente Fox. He made a couple of videos criticizing President Trump. The latest video was filled with F-Bombs, so we decided to critique his first video. We will demonstrate how there really is no difference fundamentally between those who critique Trump and Donald Trump since both groups have the same view on the role of government. On our last segment, we will examine whether or not there is a mother God in the Bible. The WMSCOG claims that all Christian denominations have missed the boat on the second coming of Christ and on the marriage of the lamb. They literally belief that God has a wife and they use Rev 21, Gal 4, and Genesis 1 to prove their points. You don’t want to miss this episode!



Vicente Fox Full Video –

Judge Napolitano on Fox News:

Doctrine of Mother God:

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  • I just listened to part 2 of the wmscog and I enjoyed the explanations behind why Ahnsanghang cannot be the Messiah with the Acts and Hebrews verses. Vasquez made some valid points, too, and Joseph is funny😄.

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