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#10 – Still Jesus, Washed Out Celebrities, and King Solomon

#10 – Still Jesus, Washed Out Celebrities, and King Solomon
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Listen to the team of Theolodude describe their trip to Ecuador and Monterrey, Mexico. Before leaving the state, a controversy regarding the  Christian Hip Hop Industry began to pop up, so Theolodudes will shed some light on the issue. One of the main points of the controversy was that some rappers were reminding the Hip Hop community to not forget about the gospel and the glory of Christ. Theolodudes is here to also remind our listeners to not waste their lives on trivial things like money, fame, popularity, or comfortnesss. Solomon was right when he uttered that “all is meaningless”. We will demonstrate how living for youselves is foolish. In order to prove this, we will show how the “mighty” celebrities have fallen. So be challenged, encouraged, educated, and hopefully motivated to live for what really matters – the kingdom of God.


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