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#11 – Will The Real Racist Fascist Please Stand Up

#11 – Will The Real Racist Fascist Please Stand Up
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Get ready for an exciting episode! We will tackle the topic of racism, Hurricane Harvey, Lakewood, and the incident that happened in Charlottesville . Hopefully in this episode, we will encourage a thoughtful discussion to the issue of racism. We have noticed that the word “racism” is used on everyone and everything (apparently even the weather can be racist). Since the word is used for everything and everyone, it has lost its actual meaning. In order to clear out some confusions, Theolodudes will define what racism is. We will also talk about some of the reasons why there is racism and how to deal with racism from a Christian perspective. And even though we are a bit late on the topic, we will also  give out our perspective about what happened in Charlottesville. Enjoy!



***Definition of Race :

a :a family, tribe, people, or nation belonging to the same stock


b :a class or kind of people unified by shared interests, habits, or characteristics (biological)


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