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#12 – DACA, Kentucky, and a whole lot of Bill Nye

#12 – DACA, Kentucky, and a whole lot of Bill Nye
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What’s your take on the DACA Act? Do you agree with the Hurricane Harvey Relief Plan? These are some of the questions people have been asking, so on this episode, Theolodudes will give our take on these important issues. Also, a few weeks ago, Theolodudes went to Kentucky and Ohio to visit the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum. We will show you guys some clips from a few questions we asked Dr. Tommy Mitchell and Ken Ham. We were really impress with the Creation Museum. It was very well structured, technologically advanced, and very informative. For our 3rd segment, we will review the 2nd Debate. I know we are 3 years late, but we do want to point out some important issues that are hardly ever brought up when discussing creation and evolution. So press the play and download button.


  1. Rand Paul on Harvey Relief: https: //
  2. Fox News On Daca:
  3. Democrats Views of Immigration Laws:
  4. Ken Ham V.S Bill Nye:
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