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#13 – Christ and Civilization

#13 – Christ and Civilization
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Get ready to be challenged in this world of ideas. On this episode, we might “trigger” some people, but it is something that must be shared. We are living in a time in America were division is rampant. From football players kneeling down during the anthem to Antifa being exposed of their murderous acts, it seems as if there is no solution to this division. Sadly, we have observed that there is this “superiority mindset” from a lot races/cultures. Therefore, on this episode, we will show that evil has been committed by all groups of people and not only the “white men” – Aztecs, Mayans, Nigerians, Cambodians, Russians, ETC are also guilty of evil atrocities. We could have covered more groups but we would have needed like 5 episodes for that. We will also demonstrate that any civilization or culture that abandons the Word of God is heading to a road of destruction, division, and evil. Christianity is the solution for all this division. The word of God gives us the foundational blocks to have a civilized nation and we will demonstrate that on today’s episode. So put on your seat-belts and join us for this ride! Oh and by the way, David Meade was dead wrong.



1] Aztecs and Human Sacrifices :

2] Aztecs:

3] Mayans and Human Sacrifices:

4] Stalin’s Genocide:

5] Pol Pot’s Genocide:

6] Rwandan Genocide:

7] Japan’ Genocide:


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