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#14 – Halloween, Demons, Witches, and Toy Story?

#14 – Halloween, Demons, Witches, and Toy Story?
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It has been a while since we played a game here on Theolodudes, so we want you guys to join us for this scary movie trivia game. Joseph and Vasquez will be the ones guessing. Believe me, they did a good job and I think they will be unbeatable. We also talk about demons, the origins of Halloween, some of the symbolic meanings behind the tradition, and how Christians should respond to Halloween. Should Christians run away from Halloween? Can Christians redeem Halloween? What can Christians do during Halloween? These are some of the questions we will be answering on this episode. We will also share some scary stories that happened to us, but hey, don’t worry for greater is He who is in us! Enjoy the show and leave your answers on our Facebook page, website comment section, or Twitter.

Solid Deo Gloria

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