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#16 – 10 False Teachings of the WMSCOG

#16 – 10 False Teachings of the WMSCOG


On this episode, we will focus on informing you about the World Mission Society Church of God. This cult is very active in the college campuses, home depots, Wal-Mart. and sometimes they will knock on your door. We are going to let you know 10 false teachings that this group believe. Please keep in mind that we have a 4 part series refuting their doctrines in deatil, so if you want to know more check out our series. This episode will just outline their beliefs. It is not intended to give a thorough refutation. It is meant to inform you about what they believe.  However, we do notice that when you talk to them the conversation will go all over the place; therefore, on our 2nd segment, we will tackle a specific doctrine that they believe. We are going to explain 4 verses that will refute their doctrine of God. Those verses are John 17:3-5, John 1:1, John 8:17-18, and Rev 5:1-7. Our recommendation is to stay on the topic of the doctrine of Christ and God. Do not get sidetracked with the Passover, Sabbath, or the Jewish Festivals. Get your Bible out and follow along with us! Don’t forget to leave a comment or questions on our Facebook Page.

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4 Part Series (If you only want to listen only to the refutations, then skip the intro and the 1st segment)

Pt 1 -The History of WMSCOG –

Pt 2 -David, Melchizedek, & in the clouds –

Pt 3 -God Mother & Rev 2, Galatians 4, and Genesis 1-

Pt 4 -A Defense of the Trinity –

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3 thoughts on “#16 – 10 False Teachings of the WMSCOG”

  • I’m glad you named names to be aware of these false teachers. Paul did it, and so can we out of love to not allow people to be deceived by these individuals.

  • I had a young woman approach me,and she was part of this cult. I didnt know much about it so listening to these WMSCOG episodes helped alot . 1. I was able to send her the website and link so that she may be inform of the wrong doctrine.
    2. I was able to listen to them and be informed.
    3. I have enough info to warn others and watch out myself when i come across them. Thanks!!!😀✌

    • I’m glad we were able to help. Leave us a comment or a question down below if you have any specific question regarding this cult.

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