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#17 – Thug Life …. Pilgrims?

#17 – Thug Life …. Pilgrims?
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Today, we have a lot of people trying to re-write history in order to promote their “victim-hood” agenda. These new propagandist will say anything to discredit Capitalism or Christianity. They will pride themselves in saying that they know the “real” history of Thanksgiving. The sad part is that these new “Shamans” are usually white professors who promote their socialistic agenda to the masses.  These enlighten “gnostics” must have some hidden knowledge from the “animal spirits” because all we need to know about Thanksgiving is written down. You see, the Pilgrims and Puritans wrote down their events. Unlike the Natives who have no written records about anything, the Pilgrims wrote down even the cruelties done to the Indians by the “white men”. If anyone claims to “know” the “real” history, then just ask for references and primary sources. You will find no primary or secondary sources from anyone except the Pilgrims themselves. All the references these propagandist have are “he said she said” type of references. Every incident you hear about such as the wars or trials come from the writings of Captain John Smith, William Bradford, and other Pilgrim’s records. Join us to find out why we as Christians should not feel guilty about our Christian brothers (Pilgrims) but rather celebrate them and even imitate their ways. Read the links from the bottom. Some of them are from secular websites. Other links are from the writings of the Pilgrims themselves. Don’t let charlatans re-write history in order to destroy the credibility of our Christian foundation. Give thanks to God for His beautiful providence. Give thanks that God used the Pilgrims and Puritans to construct the U.S.A.





[1]Squanto –


[2] The Jesuits killed by Indians –  and



[3] Differences of English Settlers –



[4] Sermons by Robert Cushman at Plymouth in 1621



[5] Massasoit –


[6] Massasoit –


[7] Massasoit –


[8] The Converted Indian Hiacoomes –


[9] The Converted Indian Hiacoomes –


[10] A Dialogue Between Hiacoomes and the Tribe Members –


[11] King’s Philip War –


[12] King’s Philip War – and


[13] King’s Philip War –


[14]Primary Sources of Pilgrims and Puritans Records –




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