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#18 – Fix Me Up With Some Presup

#18 – Fix Me Up With Some Presup
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We have an exciting episode for you guys today. It will definitely encourage you and challenge you to learn more about the topic. The topic is on presuppositionalism. It’s a big word, but don’t let it scare you. All it means is that every worldview has a starting point/ultimate authority that must be assumed. This starting point is also known as an axiom. Every worldview, religion, or philosophy has to assume their starting point. You cannot prove it. The starting point is the tool we use in order to know truth. For example, a lot of people have as their starting point that they can know truth if they can see, touch, smell, hear, or taste it. They will say something like, “I need to see it in order to believe it.” This is known as the empiricist worldview. A “presup” is someone who challenges the non-believer’s starting point. A presup will not challenge the evidence because the evidence is not the issue. The issue is the system they use to interpret the evidence. Unlike the non-believer, Christians have a starting point/ultimate authority which is not our senses (empiricism) or our own mere reasoning (pure rationalism). Instead, our starting point is the written Word of God. God has gracefully revealed to us truths about the universe, history, the nature of man, salvation, logic, etc. Presuppositionalism is the cry of the reformation of “Sola Scriptura” but applies it in ALL areas of life. I hope you guys will enjoy the episode and be sanctified as a result. Leave a comment down below or send us a message on facebook.


** We had some technical difficulties from minutes 11:00 to 14:00 so please bear it with.

** Throughout the episode, you might hear some glitches. For some reason, our mics were acting weird on this episode. There is no way to fix it so please bear with it. The good thing is that everything is still clearly understood!

Soli Deo Gloria

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4 thoughts on “#18 – Fix Me Up With Some Presup”

    • It’s a very interesting topic. I hope you continue to learn this apologetic method. It deals with the real issues and not with the smokescreen the non-believer may bring.

  • I enjoyed listening to the explanation behind people who use their senses to determine knowledge also being dependent on their memory, which is unreliable. I found that point to be very informative in exposing the weakness of mankind’s inability to know truth.

    • Yes, in order for the senses to be reliable, there must be a connection between the image in your mind from yesterday to the item you are seeing in the present. In order for you to say that the item you are seeing today is the same item you saw yesterday could only be true if your memory is reliable to give you a photographic image of yesterday’s item. However, the memory is not so reliable… just think about all the images you saw 10 days ago and tell me which ones you remember.

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