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#21 – Charismania

#21 – Charismania


Wow, you really don’t want to miss this episode. It will be exciting and hopefully challenging to get you guys into the word of God. For this past few decades, the charismatic movement has infiltrated all different denominations. From Baptist to Presbyterians, from Presbyterians to Lutherans, from Lutherans to Methodist, all denominations cannot escape this wave of the charismatics. On this episode, we will critique some of the horrible fruits this movement has grown. We will be showing some clips from different charismatic churches so that you guys can hear for yourself some of the chaos, bad doctrine, and bizarre behaviors this new movement has committed. This will be our first part of our 3 part series regarding the “Charismatic Gifts” so enjoy the episode! Remember to subscribe on ITunes and leave a good review and rating!


Clip #1 – 

Clip #2 –

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Clip #4 –

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